Established in 2017 by a mother on a mission, director and founder Rebecca Jobson. With a 12 month old on her hip she hit the common phase of motherhood where one begins to get the urge to create something new and use the dwindling baby brain for more than singing twinkle twinkle little star on repeat. That's when Mini Marley was born. 
Mini Marley was created to celebrate the innocence, adventure and imagination that can only be found in childhood. Our principals of ethically sustained kids fashion are very important to us, using natural luxury fabrics and ensuring that each piece is handmade with love.

Over time I have noticed that one thing remains the core of my passion, to create beautiful items all the while making the smallest impact possible on the planet. With this in mind, each collection we endeavour to further our education to more sustainable practices and continue to reach new goals into being the most eco friendly we can possibly be.
All of the packaging we use to send your items is 100% plastic free, please make sure to recycle where possible. Our items are delivered to us in bags made form cassava plant that are compostable and biodegradable.
Another thing that is incredibly important to me is maintaining a close relationship with our factories and all points of our production line to ensure that safe and ethical work place standards are met and the correct systems are in place to make sure everyone in our team is well looked after. All of our items are hand made in a small artesian factory in Bali, Indonesia and we have two Westerner staff members who are on ground and who work in the same office to make sure that safe work practices are constantly maintained. The prices of our garments reflect this as we do not want to compromise staff members worth just to sell a cheap garment. We also produce all of our collections in small quantities to reduce the amount of excess stock that may be sent to landfill. We keep all of the stock on our website until it is sold out, we do not design to trends, so our pieces stay present and can be mixed and matched with past collections. We source fabrics that are made of natural fibres where possible, and make our items with the highest of quality so they can be passed down for generations to come.

The below are some of our code of conduct inclusive of all of our staff members that work for Mini Marley
• No forced labour
• No child labour – minimum age 18 years old
• No discrimination
• Respect for freedom of association and collective bargaining
• No harsh or inhumane treatment - Mini Marley does not tolerate any level of mistreatment on its workers and would act immediately on any complaint made by workers to protect them
• Safe and hygienic working conditions
• Wages are paid monthly and are above the standard wage
• Working hours are not excessive
• Regular employment
• Traceability of production 
• Health and Safety of products 
• Environmental awareness 

Here are some images of the incredible team that work to create your garments.