Jamie Reilly - Mini Marley Mumma's

Its been a long time coming since the last Mini Marley Mumma's post and this one is well worth the wait. 

We meet the incredible Jamie Reilly. Residing in Adelaide with her amazing husband Brent Reilly and gorgeous son Jax. I was lucky enough to meet Jamie 11 years ago and she quickly earned the nick name Melon because she had the happiest, smiliest head I have ever come across and we just couldn't get enough of that happy melon. She has a heart of gold, she doesn't mind a little laugh at herself and she has grown into one powerhouse working mother. I am so proud of this wonderful woman, kicking goals in life!




Tell us about you and your fam.. (names, ages, where you live etc)

I live in Adelaide with my husband Brent (34) and 2 year old son Jax. I've just turned 32! Brent and I have been together for over 10 years, married for 4.


Talk us through your average day..

Our days start quite early, as the little man is an early riser. So up at 6:30am, first things first, coffee and brekky. If it's a Monday, I am at home with Jax, so we have a fun day getting out and about with friend catch ups or play dates with my niece and nephew. Basically every other day I'm working. So I love spending this time with him, (and obviously on weekends). Most days I get Jax ready for childcare, bribe him with some sort of food or toy to get him into the car. Once I drop Jax off, I can get ready at home, alone, without a toddler trying to eat my bronzer, and smearing lipstick all over my couch.

It depends what day it is, but I could be anywhere from Westfield at a Styling Session, I'm across all three centres, Marion, Tea Tree Plaza and West Lakes. I also work at Meisha Wright Studios where I am retail manager and PA, or could be a modelling job, or shooting content for my Instagram (@Jamie.loves). Every day is different. It's hectic, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


You're a woman on the go, how do you manage your work/life balance?

Life is a juggle, but it's all about balance. For me, I love being organised. My calendar is organised to the hour, I find myself more productive this way.

I do try to make sure I have time for me, so I can be the best mum to Jax. I try to get to F45 at least twice a week. I find if I workout, I feel better about me, and actually have more energy to get through my long days. 


How do you practice self care?

I think it is so important to practise self care. Whether it be a long to bath once Jax is in bed, a little massage to switch off, or dinner and drinks with the girls. I always try to do something for me in amongst the madness. 

Food wise, we try to make healthy choices, it's all about balance though. Everything in moderation. If we feel like a little treat, don't think we won't indulge in some choccy. But overall we are healthy eaters, and this always makes us feel better.


What is the thing that surprised you most about motherhood?

The thing that has surprised me about Motherhood is the love we have for Jax. It is overwhelming and unconditional.

He is half of me and half of my best friend and love of my life, so when we look at Jax, we just feel so lucky. 

Everything we do now is for him, we want him to grow up being kind and grateful, strong, hard working and happy. We want him to never give up, and just be proud of who he is.


What are your favourite things to do as a family?

We love being outdoors and playing sport with Jax , whether it be at the park, or kicking the footy in the backyard. Also just catching up with friends and creating fun memories with our kids, is the best!!


How has life changed after Brent retiring from professional football? 

Brent unfortunately had a knee to the head at training 3 years ago, which fractured his skull, it was such a horrible scary time for us. He retired from AFL shortly after the incident and spent a lot of time in recovery. He then went on to work at The SAHMRI (South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute) in the mind and brain unit. But now, he is back with the Adelaide Crows, doing what he loves. Being back involved in the game has bought him so much joy, he is doing what he loves, and that's so important - I'm so happy for him!


What advice would you give to new mums?

Keep going. You have your bad days, and your good days, but just keep going, you are doing an amazing job. We all have our mummy melt downs, but get up the next day, start fresh. Trust your instincts, everyone has so much advice to give about Motherhood, but just trust yourself and do it your way.


Finish this sentence; Love is...?

Love is unconditional. It's a feeling of safety and security, of trust and respect.


Jax Wears (in order of appearance)  the Terry Onesie in Stripe, and the River Tee and Maxx Short in Forrest

Photos by Danielle Symes Photography

Make up by Ali Buss

Hair by Boris

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