Belinda Guerra is the creative genius behind Scrunchie O bringing back the nostalgic scrunchie. Between running her own business, chasing a toddler, a giant dog and a baby on the way, she is also the doting wife of football superstar Aidan Guerra. Living their life on the road, juggling all the above, somehow still managing to begin another new business and fitting in about 2983646 gym sessions per week. How does she do it..? We catch up her to find out..



Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.. 

Myself, just turning 27, Aidan 30, Olive 2.5 And Buddy who’s almost one are a crazy little family who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest member this October!


How did you and Aidan meet?

White Revolver (if you know you know) but I actually don’t remember meeting him this night, my impact was clearly bigger on him than his was on me. Then a year or so later our paths kept crossing and we formed a really special platonic friendship which spanned roughly two years of which we were best friends and inseparable. It wasn’t until I moved overseas and came back to visit that we had our first kiss and realised we were a hell of a lot more than JUST friends!


Have you always had maternal instincts and hopes to start a family at a young age?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Quite the opposite. I held my first baby when I was 5 months pregnant with Olive and was petrified every second of it! I’d never seen a nappy or knew what the hell a swaddle was until Olive came into our lives. My mum had me at quite a mature age and I always sort of thought I’d do something similar and set up my career etc first.

However Aidan’s the binary opposite and absolutely ADORES babies and children. He’s openly wanted Kids since the age of 21.

As soon as we got together seriously, I knew that no matter how awkward I would be as a mother Aidan would be the best dad ever and look after us all so we started trying pretty much after a year of being together.

I also think being a professional athelete, you’re more financially stable at a young age to be able to care for a family as opposed to having to work your way up a corporate ladder so all this combined we just went for it!


You managed to successfully bring back our favourite 90's trend, the scrunchie! How did scrunchie O come about? 

Thankyou!!! Great question. After I stopped breastfeeding I noticed my hair around my face had all fallen out, I had never even heard of Postpartum Hair loss before this!

I was going to the gym quite frequently when my trainer at the time (Aimee Fischer-Gray) told me that if I was going to wear my hair pulled back in a tight pony tail or bun I needed to use a scrunchie to stop snapping any more fine hairs that were growing back.

It was this comment that prompted me to search the entire Eastern Suburb for Scrunchies that weren’t hideous school colours or had elastics that weren’t strong enough for a full head of hair. Upon not finding ANYTHING that I liked for daily use I had a few of my own made and trialled them myself and with friends who kept trying to steal them, and eventually this is how ScrunchieO was born!


And we've heard you have a new business in the works, tell us a bit about it...

Boé was actually born over a few glasses of wine funnily enough. My girlfriend and I had both just made the transition from Sydney to Newcastle when we were chatting over a few rosé’s about the lack of good Australian dry rosé’s and how we actually have the ideal climate down in Victoria to produce such wines.

After a few text messages back and forth with my cousin who owns a winery down in King Valley Victoria, BOÉ was created and is almost ready for sale!!!


Whats your secrets and tips to managing your work/family life?

I don’t really think I should be giving much advice here as I’ll literally be late to my own funeral, and I forget next to EVERYTHING!

But I just try to prioritise each day and get the important things done early, emails, invoices, orders, stocktake etc and then I tackle the rest of the day as a pregnant mum of a toddler!

Aidan’s TOTALLY the most chilled person ever so he always makes sure I don’t get too carried away and enjoy being my own boss which means I don’t have too many deadlines I have too stress over!


I also tend to quote to phrase:


‘Burning the candle at both ends ensures the candle burns faster and brighter’ 


I feel this is quite relevant to life right now as I’m 8 months pregnant with a toddler, due to launch my second business the same time I’m giving birth!


Do you have any family rituals? What are your favourite things to do together? 

We LOVE the beach; buddy too!

We also love sleep in’s and just snuggling on the couch together, these are really special moments that are what family is all about!


How did you go in the transition from city slicker living to moving to a quieter country town?

I was SO scared to be honest I’d never even been to Newcastle so I spent a whole night crying in the bath with a bottle (okay two) of red wine.

But honestly after only one week of being here we fell in love!

It’s got the most beautiful beaches, and café’s and vibe!

There isn’t much I miss about Sydney except for my friends who have all been to visit more times than I can even count!


How do you practice self love in between your busy schedule?

I LOVE my Pilates, I have scoliosis and I notice a huge difference if I skip a week or two of Pilates.

I really make sure to make it to the gym three or four times a week because I just feel SO good for it.

I also get facials, massages, my hair and nails done. The beauty of running two online businesses is I can literally be getting a foot massage and replying to customer inquiries at the same time!


What has surprised you most about motherhood?

How confident it’s made me! All the little things I used to worry about now seam so trivial!


What advice would you give to new mothers

Listen to everyone’s advice, but just trust your gut!


Finish this sentence. "Love is...."

 The best damn thing in the whole entire world!!!!


Olive wears (in order of appearence)
Sofie Dress - Blue Stripe
Lily Top & Cara Short - White
Bella Dress - Light Stripe

For more, follow her days on Instagram - 
Photography by @musephotography_thelifeofamuse

Written by Rebecca Jobson

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